Welcome! We are so happy you found our website. You’re looking for more out of life right? You want to live life by your own design. You desire more freedom, more time, more income, more impact, more personal growth and radiant health. You want to be empowered, live consciously with purpose and you want to create a vision for your life that will light your soul on fire every single day. You want to be a leader; an entrepreneur, an influencer and you want to contribute in big ways. You want the whole package and you’re not stopping until you find it!

Well, you’re in the right place at the right time. You can stop looking now because we are in total alignment with what you’re seeking. We believe that living life in total freedom is not only possible it’s absolutely necessary. It’s about having the emotional intelligence, the vibrant health, the wealth and the time, and doing more of the things that you love to do every single day with the people that you adore. All while having tons of fun, living outside your comfort zone, giving outrageously and creating a legacy for the next generations, regardless how big or small! We’ve created this space especially for you – the change maker, and we have the solution for you to start living your holistic freedom lifestyle with a kickass tribe and turnkey online business model that will support you every step of the way.

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Ready to kick start your holistic freedom journey?

The Backstory

We are cubicle survivors – yup I said it! We both graduated from top tiered Universities, Anna from Richard Ivey School of Business in Marketing and Yvan from Tecnológico de Monterrey as an Industrial Engineer.

We had ticked off the laundry list of boxes that society said would make us “successful” but we were not fulfilled. We weren’t living in alignment with our core values, we didn’t feel vibrantly healthy, we had $3,000 in our bank account, we weren’t getting ahead financially and we weren’t contributing.

Somewhere in the fog of waking up at 6am, spending 8 hours in a windowless workspace, surrounded by constant complaining, judgment and gossip, being told how much vacation time we can take and what our time is worth – we decided to throw in the towels. Our desire for waking up each morning with the feeling of excitement and infinite possibility and going to bed with a full heart and gratitude won the battle. We decided to put our self-motivation, perseverance and great work ethics to better use.

The Tipping Point

In 2010 we were introduced to the industry of network marketing through a beautiful woman named Leanne Jacobs and started our online wellness business. We immediately fell in love with leverage + residual income and committed to personal mastery + conscious leadership. Starting out part-time with an hour per day, we stepped onto the path of a life-changing journey.


This journey has led us to building a multiple six-figure residual income and finding our true happiness all while creating magic every day and leaving a positive dent in the world. We are truly grateful to be aligned with a global community of fearless individuals and we call ourselves Holistic Freedom Academy. Our mission is to inspire you to have 20 seconds of insane courage and to take a leap of faith by saying YES to exploring the possibility of next level living. Are you in?

What’s the next step?

Ready to kick start your holistic freedom journey?

Meet the Holistic Freedom Team

We are Holistic Freedom Academy – a community of passionate entrepreneurs who aren’t settling for a life short of extraordinary. We live outside our comfort zones and believe there are no limits to where we can go and what we can become. We are committed to personal mastery and conscious leadership. We generate shifts. We create movements. We live with purpose. We celebrate each other. Our core values include leadership, empowerment, community, contribution and a hell lot of fun! We’ve created a new normal where vulnerability, support, creativity, integrity and authenticity thrive.

We are goal diggers from all walks of life. We are moms, dads, teachers, corporate professionals, students, drop-outs, yogis, registered holistic nutritionists, wellness + fitness experts, athletes, coaches, doctors, nurses, influencers in our industries, rebels of the status quo and everyone in between. We are ages 18 to 80. We have unique skill sets and talents. We come from different corners of the globe and have unique personal stories. But most importantly, we are united on the shared vision of holistic freedom and we are obsessed with living a life we absolutely love.

Our commitment is to YOU and showing you step-by-step how you too can redefine what is possible for your life.

What’s the next step?

Ready to kick start your holistic freedom journey?

Today's "Reality"

The economy is changing at exponential rates. Technology is accelerating, job security is practically non-existent, there is an alarmingly low amount of jobs for new grads, small business owners are experiencing burnout and lifestyle diseases are on the rise at astronomical rates. But what if we could do something about it? What if we could create change together? Now more than ever we have the opportunity to be anything, do anything and achieve anything, all we have to do is decide to take action. We have the ability to connect with people around the world in seconds, we can run our own portable global business with only a smartphone and we have access to a global marketplace via social media. Our generation craves freedom. No commute. No office. No boss. No set work hours. You decide whom you work with, where you work from and how much you work. This is why the network marketing industry is booming around the world. The possibilities are limitless for the rebel who seeks more than the traditional plan of success.

Where do you want to be 12 months from today?


You might already own an online biz, you might be a teacher, coach, RHN, entrepreneur, corporate professional, trailblazer, doctor, nurse, athlete, health + wellness + fitness specialist, hair stylist, administrative assistant, stay at home parent, student, jobless, someone who is super crazy busy… Whatever your current situation is, irrelevant of your background, your personal story, your education + experience and what your journey has been to date, YOU have a bold vision, uncompromising drive and self-motivation…


We have the proven turnkey online business model + mentorship program + supportive community to fast track your success and to help you define YOUR meaning of holistic freedom. We are eager to help you seamlessly incorporate our business platform into what you’re currently doing so that you can start living life on your own terms.

If not now, when?

Next Steps

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What’s the next step?

Ready to kick start your holistic freedom journey?

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